Moving !

So we will be moving next month & I am excited! Finally no squishing everything into one space! oi.... I have been planning/obsessing over how we will personalize the new space and I've decided on the 3 main sections: Living, Work, Bedroom.

Here are some of the "inspiration" photos I've been collecting. I'm trying to capture a general color scheme & style, not copy object by object.

LIVING AREA inspiration : light, relaxed & handmade.

a relaxed, artsy feel:
earth tones & texture, but more minimal:
a few pieces of vintage or handmade art, in large thin frames:
airy & light, a homemade feel:
floor cushions by window, side tables of varying heights + a tiny fireplace!:

WORK AREA inspiration : Dark masculine industrial.

Large wooden work table, industrial cabinets & chairs:
dark woods & steel black. vintage celestial prints
& display the knick knacks I've collected over the years:

BEDROOM inspiration : Simple blush romantic

L o v e the colors:
simple, thoughtful perfection:
a sweet feminine touch:

Realistically I know our new place won't be *as* amazing but I wanted these general styles for the different areas and am aiming to create a nicer, more personal space to live/work in. :]

If you were curious, most of these photos were plucked from my Pinterest.

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