500 days of summer

New favorite movie! What makes it more significant personally is that it catalogs the exact spots that my boyfriend and I first hung out, went for walks, and sat at to take in the views (minus the bums and pigeons). Same seats, same view, same bar, same fountain, same parking lot rooftop view. It was almost spooky.

locations beautifully depicted here. I also love the scene where he's in his apt. and it's raining at night. L.A. doesn't look half bad when you can't see the bums and pigeons and can't smell the urine.

That aside, it's a really good movie. It's bittersweet and reminded me of moments from my past. some pretty funny moments too. I love the characters.

Also, I LOVED what they were wearing throughout the movie.
He was old school vintage prep, she was 40's flair retro. Adorable.

500 days of summer trailer.

Now I want to watch Paper heart. It looks awkard and cute and random....
I think it's real (?)


San Juan Capistrano

at the mission


cool lighting... and awesomely worn walls

the "kitchen counter"

nearby teahouse for brunch.

salmon benedict for me.

the biggest breakfast steak ever.
back to the mission.

lovely ruins

plump little baby grapes... they were sour.

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